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i love denim but HATE denim skirts.  none of these work for a woman with a small waist and an ass.  and I had to say it but these skirts don't even look good on these stick thin models.  a couple of them look nice but geeze.  can anyway make a skirt for bootilicious women?


Is there any way you can get a skirt tailored to fit?  I think it's possible to maybe find a pencil skirt that would fit a tiny waist, but then the booty would be a problem.  :)  So perhaps your best bet is buying a skirt that fits in the back and then getting the waist tailored; that's what a friend of mine always did.  Pain in the butt?  Yes, and you might just decide to eschew the denim skirt completely, but I find them so practical and a must for my wardrobe.  I am nearly flat in the back, so I've got a completely different problem than you do! 

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