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I actually got to meet John Fluevog in the Boston store when I was attending graduate school @ Tufts/Museum School.  It was around xmas time and he was in town to take his staff out for xmas dinner.  I didn't know who he was...he was standing behind the counter and I had asked for a particular shoe and he went and got it for me, put it on my feet, and then proceeded to take out more shoes and have me walk around the store.  He was really GREAT and spent an hour with me and my friends.  I found out halfway through the transaction from one of the sales people at the Fluevog store that the cute guy that was helping was Mr. John Fluevog himself.... it was a true pleasure, believe me.  AND he was totally cute, too!


That is so nice to hear.  I really do love his shoes--so few shoes out there are as creative and whimsical as the ones his company makes--and the people at the stores are always so nice and friendly.  

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